Casio announces 2Mp EXILIM: EX-S2 & EX-M2

The Casio EXILIM: EX-S2 & EX-M2

Casio announces 2Mp EXILIM: EX-S2 & EX-M2 - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news news

Click here for the press release on the Casio EXILIM: EX-S2 & EX-M2August 29, 2002
Casio will introduce two new models in the EXILIM series of LCD digital credit-card-sized cameras. The thin EX-S2 and the EX-M2, with an MP3 player, both feature a 2.0-mega-pixel digital CCD. The new products are equipped with Casio's "Best Shot" function, which allows the user to take beautiful photographs easily. Camera startup requires 1 sec., Shutter-release time is ± 0.01 sec. and it is ready for next shot after ± 0.9 sec.