Mamiya introduces new DM40 Large-Sensor DSLR

Mamiya DM40 DSLR

Mamiya introduces new DM40 Large-Sensor DSLR - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsMarch 7, 2010 - 10.35 GMT
Mamiya has last week introduced the new DM40 in its lineup of professional large-sensor DSLRs. Featuring a resolution of 40 Mp (7360x5562) with a peak capture rate of .8 seconds per frame and a sustained capture rate of 60 frames per minute, the DM40 is the industry's fastest large (44x33mm) sensor DSLR. The other members of the DM family, the model DM33 (6726x5040) and DM56 (9288x6000) feature a 48x36mm and 56x36mm sensor respectively. The DM40 DSLR kit including 80mm f.2.8 D lens will be available in the US for $21,990...More