Hasseblad launches H4D-40 Medium Format DSLR

Hasseblad H4D-40

Hasseblad launches H4D-40 Medium Format DSLR - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsFebruary 5, 2010 - 10.00 GMT
Hasselblad launches the H4D-40, the most recent addition to the H4D medium format camera line. The camera, which features a 33x44 mm CCD sensor with 40 million pixels and provides almost twice the capture area of the largest 35mm DSLR sensors, is targeted towards high-end 35mm professionals. Hasselblad will be launching the H4D-40 via a series of dealer demonstrations and events in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The H4D-40 starts at 13995 Euro / 19995 USD / 12995 GBP for camera body, viewfinder, and 80mm lens...More