Konica Minolta services Maxxum / Dynax 5D & 7D

Konica Minolta Service Advisory

Konica Minolta services Maxxum / Dynax 5D & 7D - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsFebruary 3, 2007 - 09.30 GMT
Konica Minolta releases a Service Advisory for the Maxxum / Dynax 5D and 7D. The company recently discovered that some of its digital cameras may show the following symptom after not being used for a long time. When you take the initial photo, "Err" is displayed in the view finder and the image turns black or dark blue. In most cases, the "Err" indication can be cancelled by turning the main switch again and then photos can be taken normally. Konica Minolta will offer repair free of charge for the products exhibiting the above-mentioned symptom...More