digital specifications

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  • Image size in digicams is measured in pixels ranging from 640 x 480 to 2400 x 1800 or larger. The more pixels the greater the amount of image detail captured.
  • The most common Image formats for compression and storage are JPEG or TIFF, although uncompressed RAW format is also used on more advanced models.
  • in camera Compression can be set to different levels, ranging from superfine to normal or low. Different manufacturers may use different terms for these.
  • Lag/cycle time shows the time it takes before the camera is ready to take a picture at start up or after saving the previous image.
  • A Remote control or self timer allows the photographer to be included in the picture as well. It can also be used to avoid camera shake with slower shutter speeds.
  • Some cameras can record small Video or Audio sequences. Their use is usually rather limited as only short video sequences can be recorded. Video and audio formats used are shown here.
  • Connectivity for transferring your images to a computer can be through a USB port, although (slow) RS212 serial connections or (fast) Firewire links are used also.
  • Storage will show the type of memory card used. CF cards, SmartMedia or others.
  • Software shows the cam's operating system to connect your camera to PC or MAC.
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