navigation in the camera section

When clicking cameras in the main menu you are taken straight to the camera section where all the digital camera categories - ranging from fun & web cameras to professional SLRs - are presented.

  • Clicking the buttons in the different categories at the bottom of the page, will show you all the cameras in that category.
    You can choose to view them in alphabetical order; arranged by date, starting with the most recent models, or sorted by price, ranging from cheap to expensive.

  • If you would like more specific information about a particular camera, find the manufacturer in the menu on the right. Click the button to activate a pull down menu that shows all the models available by that manufacturer. One further click of your mouse will take you straight to the camera's full specifications and features.

  • When you are looking at a camera in the camera section, the back button at the top of the main menu will take you back to previous screen (in most cases the digital camera categories)  to choose the next camera model you are interested in.

  • To go back to dcviews main page, click the DCV button at the top on the left.
    This will take you straight home.