Criteria for the review classification

1) Reviews for novices to shutterbugs  
2) Reviews for shutterbugs to professionals      
  Review based on production quality camera        ü   ü  
  Broad hands-on experience with the camera ü   ü  
  Camera description and specifications (ref.) ü   ü  
  Images captured of screens and menus o   o  
  Appraisal of camera features and controls ü   ü  
  Appraisal of documentation and software ü   ü  
  Appraisal of camera handling and usability ü   ü  
  Assessment of camera performance ü   ü  
  Samples gallery containing original images ü   ü  
  Appraisal of the quality of camera images ü   ü  
  Conclusions based on hands-on experience ü   ü  
  Competitive camera / image comparisons o   o  
  Evaluation of optics, viewfinder and flash ü      
  Timing and performance measurements ü      
  Studio image quality measurements ü      
  Conclusions based on studio test results ü      

o = Optional

3) Introductions, previews and other reviews  

Note: Reviews from websites that do not adhere to Fair Internet Practices will not be included!