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Fujifilm announces the touch and go Finepix Z300

Fujifilm Japan announces the Finepix Z300 slim digital camera that features a 3.0-inch touch screen to shoot and focus your images. A feature we have first seen on the recently announced Sony-Ericsson Satio camera phone. In addition, you can use the touch screen to drag and drop images in their appropriate folders. The camera offers 10 megapixel resolution, 5x optical zoom, and supports SD(HC) cards. The new Finepix Z300 will be available in Japan on June 20th in the colors pink, white, purple and black...
Fujifilm Z300 details and specifications for those fluent in Japanese
(un-edited version straight from Google's translation service)

FUJIFILM Corporation is the world's first (* 1) to automatically focus on objects only seem to touch the LCD screen, shutter off "TATCHISHOTTO" with a digital camera "FinePix Z300 ", 2009 will be released June 20.

"FinePix Z300", LCD and 3.0-WAIDOTATCHIPANERU, utilizing this new feature "TATCHISHOTTO" features.  "TATCHISHOTTO" is looking at the LCD screen, a feature off the shutter finger to touch the subject.  No need to press the shutter button, the camera automatically focus on the subject of touch in the fingertips, you can take beautiful pictures easily even in the picture?  In addition, utilizing the features of the LCD touch panel, drag the images recorded in the fingertips and to drop from two to five copies of the images combine to create a customer images "REIAUTOFOTO" and the list of images You can easily sort the images in a folder with a "manage folder" is loaded with useful features for viewing, editing.  In addition, colorful icons such as the adoption of a motion, and also redesigned interface design, improved handling.

"FinePix Z300", to determine the distance to the subject, super luminescent proper adjustment to the amount of features and i flash.  The emission control technology was developed, even in macro shooting a dark scene in the past it was difficult to prevent the white of the subject and background is bright, bright images can be obtained as seen in nature.  Nail art and cuisine, and effective macro shooting accessories and small items to auction.

Body Design by LCD touch panel with a slim, flat shape, while the rest advanced a sharp impression, with a rounded corner that are used to achieve a beautiful form.  The colors are pink and white gold is beautiful and elegant glossy black, red accent color is impressive, the Purple image by changing the viewing angle and color SOROEMASHITA 4.

The only point the camera at the subject to recognize six types of shooting a scene, shooting conditions to optimize instantly "right navigation scene," the widest range of face detection "KIREINABI face" features.  "Navigation perfect scene" and "KIREINABI face" of the "W-Navi" effect, leave the camera at all, you can enjoy a few beautiful photos of the failure.  Effective pixels 1000 pixels ISO1600 high sensitivity can be taken.  Slim body with optical zoom lens equipped with a five times, which is useful when you want to shoot a distant object.  The high-speed infrared communications (IrSimple ™ / IrSS ™ (* 2)) because it corresponds to this function "FinePix" Series (3) and other electronic devices (cell phones, LCD TV) (* 3) you can send images to the enjoyment of the shooting spread.

"FinePix Z300" is a good selection of exclusive accessories.  "FinePix Z300" in four cases and software tailored to the body color of the three types of coordination and enjoy the kind of neck strap.

* 1, 2009 May, in the camera.  We examined.
* 2 IrSimple ™ / IrSS ™ is a trademark of Infrared Data Association ®.
* 3 Please refer to the Platform website.

Additional information: Fujifilm Z300 details and specifications for those fluent in Japanese
June 14, 2009
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