DCViews - A New Beginning

The DCViews site is under a period of major transition so you will see many pages with the old style. This page is not a finished design, it is however a way for users to see where the site is headed and for them to give feedback on what they like and what they don't like. I want the involvement of the community as it is YOUR site.

One of the big questions we have been getting is why no new news? Unfortunately, it has been unavoidable as the site is now under new ownership and some of the tools that were previously used to update the site are no longer available. Getting a new front-page that can be updated with news is the first step. We are working as fast as we can to get daily news updates posted again. Right now this is having to be done manually so it is a cumbersome process, until we can get this transitioned to a new CMS the news updates might not be as frequent as before and we hope the users understand and will be patient for a bit while we get things working again.

What is Planned

The following are what we are planning for the site so you can know what is happening and give feedback on what you like or don't like...

  1. Start Updating News: This is the number one priority, I know most people come to the site for updated daily and weekly news, so getting this going again is first priority.
  2. Transition Pages to New Format: We will slowly be moving over the old pages in the site to this new format so the site has a consistent look and feel.
  3. Relaunch: Once we have things tidied up we will be adding some additional content, finalizing the new design and relaunching the website!

Note: Due to the recent transfer of the site there will be an unfortunate short period of disruption to the site. Before the new design is done there will be some unavoidable delays in site updates as some of the tools that were previously used to update the site are no longer available. A lot of people follow the site and I don't want to disappoint them. I know change can be difficult and I promise to keep an open ear and please let me know of any questions, concerns or ideas that you may have.