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Digital Camera News archive

31Dec10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web last week
30Dec10 Sigma releases SD15 firmware update version 1.01
29Dec10 Samsung introduces new NX11 and three lenses
29Dec10 New 24x zoom Samsung WB700 compact camera
24Dec10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 52
23Dec10 Rollei announces Power Flex 3D digital camera
22Dec10 Nikon releases D7000 firmware update ver. 1.01
18Dec10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 51
17Dec10 Fujifilm FinePix 3D W3 firmware update ver. 1.10
16Dec10 Canon releases EOS 60D firmware version 1.08
15Dec10 Praktica unveils DMMC-3D digital MultiMedia camera
14Dec10 Fujifilm updates F300EXR firmware and X100 info
14Dec10 Nikon releases Coolpix P7000 firmware version 1.1
11Dec10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 50
06Dec10 Casio releases EX-H20G firmware version 1.01
06Dec10 BenQ announces its new S1420 O.I.S. Camera
03Dec10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 49
02Dec10 Sony A850 and A900 firmware updates version 2.00
01Dec10 Ricoh firmware update version 1.05 for CX4
30Nov10 Fujifilm firmware updates for FinePix HS10 / HS11
29Nov10 Panasonic FX70, 75, 700, FZ100 firmware updates
28Nov10 Hasselblad introduces the H4D-40 Stainless Steel
28Nov10 Canon releases EOS 7D firmware version 1.2.3
27Nov10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 48
25Nov10 Canon and Olympus release new firmware updates
20Nov10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 47
18Nov10 Panasonic releases first Lumix G2 firmware update
18Nov10 Pentax releases K-5 firmware and software updates
17Nov10 Nikon releases S6000/S8000 firmware version 1.1
16Nov10 Olympus Japan releases special PEN Lite E-PL1s
14Nov10 Praktica introduces the 14 Mp 14-Z4 digital camera
13Nov10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 46
10Nov10 Nikon releases Coolpix and DSLR firmware updates
09Nov10 ViviCam T327 inspired by 70 years of Vivitar heritage
08Nov10 LG unveils 12Mp point-and-shoot camera phone
06Nov10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 45
04Nov10 New Panasonic GF2, the smallest ILS camera ever
01Nov10 Mamiya announces new RZ22 Digital Camera
30Oct10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 44
30Oct10 Ricoh releases GXR function enhancing firmware
28Oct10 BenQ unveils new 5cm Super Macro O.I.S S1410
26Oct10 Samsung releases NX100 firmware version 01.01
25Oct10 Panasonic releases DMC-FZ100 firmware ver. 1.1
23Oct10 Sigma releases firmware version 1.01 for the DP1x
22Oct10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 43
21Oct10 Minox releases Classic DCC 5.1 camera Gold Edition
19Oct10 Canon releases EOS 5D Mk II firmware version 2.08
16Oct10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 42
15Oct10 Casio releases EX-S200 / Z550 / Z800 firmware
14Oct10 Hoya announces the 14Mp Pentax Optio LS1000
14Oct10 Sony enhances the NEX-5/3 through new firmware
13Oct10 Canon firmware EOS Rebel XS/1000D and SX130
10Oct10 Sanyo introduces new 14 Mp compact starters trio
09Oct10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 41
08Oct10 Samsung releases NX5/NX10 firmware version 1.20
08Oct10 Ricoh GR DIGITAL III function-enhancing firmware
05Oct10 Little do we know about the inside of our camera
01Oct10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 40
30Sep10 Praktica introduces slim touch luxmedia 12-Z4TS
29Sep10 Nikon releases Coolpix P90 firmware version 1.1
28Sep10 Hasselblad expands its H4D line with new H4D-31
26Sep10 Leaf introduces the 80 Mp Aptus-II 12 camera back
25Sep10 Olympus to develop Compact with built-in Zuiko lens
24Sep10 Panasonic firmware fixes red-eyes and GPS timing
24Sep10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 39
23Sep10 Ricoh introduces new G700SE and GR lens unit
23Sep10 Leica announces D-Lux 5 and superzoom V-Lux 2
22Sep10 Panasonic introduces Speedy, Full HD Lumix GH2
22Sep10 Olympus releases firmware updates for 3 key lenses
21Sep10 Casio releases EX-H20G Hybrid-GPS and EX-Z16
21Sep10 Casio introduces the Exilim EX-ZR10 and EX-Z3200
21Sep10 Pentax announces 16.3 megapixel K-5 digital SLR
21Sep10 Sigma launches 3x 15.3 megapixel SD1 digital SLR
20Sep10 Fujifilm X100: novel technology in a classic body
18Sep10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 38
16Sep10 BenQ unveils the E1460 and T1460 HDRII camera
15Sep10 The new 16 Mp Nikon D7000 DSLR is finally there
15Sep10 New Olympus E-5 DSLR for Professional Shooters
15Sep10 Samsung introduces the NX100 mirrorless camera
15Sep10 Canon introduces new PowerShot G12 and SX30 IS
11Sep10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 37
09Sep10 Pentax customizable RS1000 and 10x zoom RZ10
09Sep10 Pentax unveils K-r digital SLR and new 35mm lens
08Sep10 The new Nikon P7000: DSLR qualities in disguise
08Sep10 New Nikon Coolpix Touch S80 and Zoom S8100
04Sep10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 36
04Sep10 Samsung further expands the ES Series with ES30
01Sep10 Olympus E-P2 black kit and two micro 4/3 lenses
28Aug10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 35
27Aug10 Kodak introduces new EasyShare C195 and C143
26Aug10 Canon EOS 60D: 18 megapixels and Full HD Video
25Aug10 New robust Ricoh G700 for imaging on though jobs
24Aug10 Sony launches new A560 /A580 and 3 new lenses
24Aug10 Sony unveils new Alpha A33 and A55 SLT cameras
23Aug10 Kodak Easyshare M590 is the thinnest of the pack
21Aug10 BenQ unveils the 14 Megapixel E1420 and E1430
20Aug10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 34
20Aug10 Ricoh CX4 Digital Camera with 10.7× Optical zoom
19Aug10 Canon unveils Powershot S95, SD4500 and SX130
19Aug10 The Full HD Nikon D3100 guides you all the way
18Aug10 Olympus launches six new point-and-shoot cameras
17Aug10 The new Fujifilm Finepix W3 captures 3D movies
17Aug10 Nikon introduces new Coolpix S1100pj and S5100
16Aug10 The new Casio Exilim FC160S improves your swing
14Aug10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 33
11Aug10 New Rollei digital compacts and Kids100 camera
10Aug10 Praktica launches new waterproof DPix 5000WP
07Aug10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 32
07Aug10 Leica releases M9 fimware update version 1.138
06Aug10 Ricoh releases CX1, CX2 and CX3 firmware updates
05Aug10 New Samsung PL90 with build-in USB connector
03Aug10 Casio unveils EX-S200 and Z800 point-and-shooters
31Jul10 Panasonic LX3-TZ6/ZS1-TZ7/ZS3 firmware update
31Jul10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 31
29Jul10 New Samsung wireless ST80 with touchscreen
28Jul10 Pentax releases K-7 firmware update version 1.10
24Jul10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 30
22Jul10 Samsung introduces new PL200 point-and-shooter
22Jul10 New Samsung 2View models ST600 and ST100
22Jul10 Panasonic unveils DMC-FT10 rugged digital camera
22Jul10 Canon releases EOS 7D firmware version 1.2.2
21Jul10 Panasonic launches 2 compacts and 2 superzooms
21Jul10 Fujifilm unveils 3 new compacts and a superzoom
16Jul10 Ricoh releases GXR firmware update version 1.18
16Jul10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 29
15Jul10 Pentax releases new Classic Silver Optio I-10 model
10Jul10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 28
09Jul10 Praktica introduces the 14 Megapixel DCZ 14.1
08Jul10 Sony unveils  WX5, TX9 and T99 3D digital cameras
07Jul10 Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D and 1D Mk IV firmware
06Jul10 Casio improves Exilim EX-Z2000/Z2200 operation
02Jul10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 27
02Jul10 New firmware for Panasonic DMC-FP3/FH22/FS33
01Jul10 Nikon releases Coolpix L110 firmware version 1.04
01Jul10 Sony NEX-5/3 firmware adds 3D Sweep Panorama
29Jun10 Sanyo launches 14 Mp VPC-E1403 digital camera
28Jun10 Panasonic releases firmware update for INON flash
27Jun10 Kodak vintage digital cameras and online support
26Jun10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 26
23Jun10 Casio introduces EXILIM EX-H5 and EX-FH25
21Jun10 Panasonic releases ZS7/TZ10 firmware update
19Jun10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 25
16Jun10 Pentax releases the Optio W90 in Shiny Orange
12Jun10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 24
10Jun10 Nikon releases Coolpix S3000 and S4000 firmware
09Jun10 Sony announces new Alpha A290 and A390 SLR
08Jun10 New Minox DC 1222 and Praktica Luxmedia 12-04
07Jun10 Fujifilm releases another S-Series firmware update
05Jun10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 23
04Jun10 Mamiya introduces RZ33 medium format camera
02Jun10 Samsung expands the NX-Series with the NX5
01Jun10 Panasonic FX75/FX70 with ultra-wide Leica lens
28May10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 22
27May10 Pentax releases I-10, W90, H90 and X90 firmware
25May10 Samsung releases NX10 firmware version 1.15
25May10 Canon releases EOS 5D Mk II firmware version 2.07
24May10 Fuji FinePix HS10 / HS11 second firmware update
21May10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 21
19May10 Ricoh GXR and GR  III function-enhancing firmware
17May10 Casio launches colorful EXILIM Zoom EX-Z350
14May10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 20
14May10 Olympus releases FE- / µ-Series  firmware updates
14May10 Ricoh releases CX3 firmware update version 1.09
11May10 New Samsung WB5500 features 26x optical zoom
11May10 Canon announces the high-speed IXUS 300 HS
11May10 Sony NEX-5 / NEX-3 with interchangeable lenses
10May10 New firmware for the Panasonic G1, GF1 and GH1
09May10 Ricoh P10 28-300 mm lens unit specs now available
08May10 BenQ T1260 offers HDR mode and Touch Screen
07May10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 19
06May10 Rollei introduces Sportsline 50 waterproof camera
30Apr10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 18
29Apr10 Pentax launches 12Mp rubber coated Optio M90
28Apr10 New BenQ E1260 offers High Dynamic Range mode
27Apr10 Fujifilm releases FinePix HS10 / HS11 firmware
27Apr10 Fujifilm releases Finepix  A- and J-series firmware
25Apr10 Praktica launches luxmedia 12-Z4 and DCZ 12.Z4
24Apr10 Pentax US expands K-x digital SLR color palette
24Apr10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web last week
22Apr10 Olympus releases new firmware for the PEN family
20Apr10 Leica announces V-Lux 20 digital monozygote
17Apr10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 16
15Apr10 Canon releases EOS 7D firmware version 1.2.1
10Apr10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 15
08Apr10 Firmware upgrades for the Fuji W1 and Ricoh CX3
07Apr10 Nikon releases Coolpix S640 and S4000 firmware
05Apr10 Sony shines with new Cyber-Shot DSC-W350D
02Apr10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 14
01Apr10 Leaf Aptus-II 10R turns the back, not the camera
27Mar10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 13
27Mar10 Sigma releases DP2 firmware update version 1.04
25Mar10 Rollei introduces the new CL 350 digital camera
20Mar10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 12
19Mar10 Ricoh releases GXR and CX3 firmware updates
19Mar10 Canon releases fixed EOS 5D Mk II firmware 2.04
18Mar10 Fujifilm Finepix A-, J- and S-series firmware updates
18Mar10 Samsung releases NX10 firmware update ver. 1.05
16Mar10 Leica releases M9 firmware update version 1.116
13Mar10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 11
10Mar10 BenQ expands its digital camera lineup with C1250
10Mar10 Pentax launches the long-awaited 645D MF camera
07Mar10 Panasonic Lumix G10 most compact Micro System
07Mar10 The New Panasonic Lumix G2 with Touch Control
07Mar10 Mamiya introduces new DM40 Large-Sensor DSLR
05Mar10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 10
05Mar10 Agfa introduces the Optima 103/104 digital cameras
03Mar10 Olympus releases PEN E-P1 firmware version 1.3
27Feb10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 09
27Feb10 New watertight and shock-proof Minox DC 9011 WP
26Feb10 New Sanyo X1420, X1220 and S122 digital cameras
25Feb10 Pentax unveils rugged and waterproof Optio W90
25Feb10 Pentax launches 26x megazoom X90 digital camera
23Feb10 New Pentax K-7 silver-colored limited-edition model
23Feb10 Canon REBEL T1i / 500D firmware version 1.1.0
22Feb10 The Sigma DP1x, DP2s and long awaited SD15
22Feb10 Sony interchangeable lens ultra compact this year
22Feb10 Casio adds the EX-S7 and Z35 to the EXILIM family
21Feb10 Samsung launches TL500 with Ultra-Bright f/1.8 lens
21Feb10 Samsung High-Speed compact TL350 with Full-HD
21Feb10 Samsung adds Waterproof and Durable compacts
20Feb10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 08
19Feb10 HP introduces 5 new point-and-shoot digital cameras
18Feb10 Pentax releases K-7 firmware update version 1.03
18Feb10 Sony unveils waterproof TX5 and high-zoom H55
13Feb10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 07
12Feb10 Leaf Aptus-II 8: fastest medium format camera back
12Feb10 Praktica luxmedia 12-23 chocolate digital camera
11Feb10 BenQ announces ther new E1240 Digital Camera
10Feb10 Nikon releases Nikon D3S firmware update ver. 1.01
09Feb10 Canon unveils 18 Megapixel EOS Rebel T2i / 550D
09Feb10 Canon adds four cameras to the PowerShot series
07Feb10 Olympus FE-4020 comes in colorful crystal shells
06Feb10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 06
05Feb10 Hasseblad launches H4D-40 Medium Format DSLR
04Feb10 New Ricoh CX3 features a back-illuminated sensor
03Feb10 Nikon introduces Coolpix P100 / L110 zoom models
03Feb10 Nikon announces new Coolpix L22 and L21 models
03Feb10 Nikon expands Coolpix S-series with 4 new models
03Feb10 New Olympus PEN E-PL1 Micro Four Thirds camera
02Feb10 Olympus announces two new Tough digital cameras
02Feb10 New Olympus SP-800UZ delivers 30x optical zoom
02Feb10 Fujifilm roars into 2010 with 18 new digital cameras
30Jan10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 05
29Jan10 Olympus can no longer wait to hide its creativiy...
26Jan10 Panasonic launches four new LUMIX digital cameras
26Jan10 Pentax launches three new digital compact cameras
23Jan10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 04
19Jan10 Samsung adds 15x optical zoom to the Zoom family
19Jan10 Samsung TL110, TL105 and SL630 digital cameras
16Jan10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 03
14Jan10 Casio introduces High-Speed  EX-FH25 and FC150
13Jan10 Olympus PEN E-P1 firmware update version 1.2
11Jan10 BenQ introduces pocket-thin W1220 digital camera
09Jan10 General Imaging introduces four new digital cameras
08Jan10 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 02
08Jan10 Panasonic Lumix F3/F2 entry-level digital camera
08Jan10 Panasonic ultra-slim Lumix FP3/FP2/FP1 cameras
08Jan10 Panasonic unveils Lumix FH22/FH20/FH3/FH1
08Jan10 Nikon releases fimware updates for its digital SLRs
08Jan10 Samsung introduces two more DualView cameras
08Jan10 Samsung unveils SL600 and SL50 digital cameras
07Jan10 Olympus adds the TOUGH-3000 to its TOUGH family
07Jan10 Four new colorful members in the Olympus FE-family
07Jan10 Olympus expands the Stylus / µ digital camera line
07Jan10 Sony introduces 12 new Cyber-shot digital cameras
07Jan10 Casio releases Four New EXILIM Digital Cameras
07Jan10 Casio introduces the new EXILIM Zoom EX-Z330
06Jan10 Kodak unveils 4 new M-Series digital cameras
06Jan10 Kodak introduces new SLICE Touchscreen camera
06Jan10 Canon launches four new A-Series digital cameras
05Jan10 Sony announces new A450 digital SLR camera
04Jan10 Samsung introduces NX10 hybrid digital camera
02Jan10 New Rollei Flexline 100 inTOUCH digital camera
01Jan10 * Digital camera news archive 2009
Current digital camera news

Digital Imaging News archive

31Dec10 Our International Imaging News clicks last week
31Dec10 Benq introduces the M31 Full-HD1080p camcorder
28Dec10 The 7-inch Apple iPax: wishful thinking for 2011
25Dec10 Support UNICEF, you can make the difference!
24Dec10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 52
24Dec10 Scientific discovery moves Racetrack Memory closer
23Dec10 Optrima embedded 3D, HD video and audio camera
22Dec10 TouchRetouch 2.0 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
19Dec10 Sanyo Europe launches 3 projectors for mobile use
18Dec10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 51
18Dec10 AKVIS releases Refocus v.1.0 for Win and Mac
16Dec10 Pioneer BDXL drive for new Blu-ray recording format
15Dec10 Kodak Social Photo Album Creator for Facebook
13Dec10 Sony broadens choice of SD(HC) memory cards
12Dec10 Praktica unveils DVC 14.1 HDMI digital camcorder
11Dec10 New Praktica DMMC 10 Digital MultiMedia Camera
11Dec10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 50
10Dec10 Sekonic announces the L-308DC light meter
09Dec10 Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC announced
09Dec10 Fujitsu Harvesting Device for generating electricity
09Dec10 Sometimes I Feel Like I'm Shooting People Dogs
07Dec10 Panasonic firmware for its H-VS014140 4/3 lens
03Dec10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 49
27Nov10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 48
25Nov10 Sony introduces CCD sensors for industrial cameras
22Nov10 Panasonic MW-20 multimedia digital photo frame
20Nov10 Sony VG10E gets AF support for A-mount lenses
19Nov10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 47
17Nov10 Sony NXCAM HD camcorder to feature E-lenses
15Nov10 Samsung roadmap for the NX i-Function lenses
14Nov10 Nikon launches Coolpix S1100pj special website
13Nov10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 46
09Nov10 Nikon launches new Professional Services website
08Nov10 ViSUS displays giga-pixel pictures on small screens
05Nov10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 45
05Nov10 New Hama dSLR Remote Shutter Release modules
03Nov10 Microsoft gesture/voice-controlled Kinect for Xbox
29Oct10 The new AOC Razor, the slimmest LED Monitor yet
29Oct10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 44
27Oct10 BenQ unveils 120Hz LED Gaming monitor XL2410T
25Oct10 Think Tank Photo releases Urban Disguise V2.0
23Oct10 New Samyang AE 14 mm f/2,8 for sale at yearend
23Oct10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 43
22Oct10 Sony service notice Marine Pack MPK-WEB/WF
22Oct10 BenQ introduces 1080p Full HD M11 camcorder
21Oct10 Epson shipping ultra-portable PowerLite 1700-series
19Oct10 Voigtländer Heliar 75 mm and Sony Nex adaptors
16Oct10 Lexmark Genesis: Speed, Style and SmartSolutions
15Oct10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 42
15Oct10 Agfa introduces new AS1150 photo/film scanner
10Oct10 Epson VS200: Ultra Bright images for under $450
09Oct10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 41
08Oct10 AgfaPhoto launches six new digital photo frames
07Oct10 Sony announces 16.4 Mp Sensor for mobile phones
06Oct10 Panasonic Lumix HD 14-140mm firmware update
05Oct10 Epson announces Stylus Pro 4900, 7890 and 9890
01Oct10 Transcend introduces the 32GB microSDHC card
01Oct10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 40
30Sep10 Vivitar introduces new accessory line for the iPad
29Sep10 Kingston unveils CompactFlash Ultimate 600x card
28Sep10 Sony SMP-N100 streams Internet video and content
27Sep10 Sharp to introduce E-Book Readers and E-bookstore
26Sep10 Sony brings big-screen 3D experience to the home
25Sep10 Epson introduces 3 new Home Theater projectors
25Sep10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 39
24Sep10 Metz introduces three new Mecablitz flash units
23Sep10 Panasonic introduces 3 new Micro System lenses
22Sep10 The Photokina 2010 News Reports and Websites
21Sep10 Sigma announces two new lenses and flash units
21Sep10 Minox proposes PX3D future 3D camera concept
18Sep10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 38
17Sep10 3M CP40 Shoot 'n Share Camcorder Projector
17Sep10 Samyang introduces 35 mm F1.4 AS UMC lens
16Sep10 Epson launches new MovieMate 85HD and 62
15Sep10 Nikon announces two new lenses and Speedlight
14Sep10 Microsoft unveils LifeCam with 1080p HD Sensor
13Sep10 New Panasonic AG-AF100 available in December
10Sep10 Sanyo GH4 features Full HD Video and 10Mp stills
10Sep10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 37
08Sep10 Carl Zeiss UV and POL filters and camera straps
07Sep10 Samsung announces two BSI CMOS image sensors
06Sep10 Sanyo releases HD Xacti PD1 in pocket format
05Sep10 Toshiba/Panasonic introduce fastest SDHC-cards
05Sep10 Carl Zeiss presents a new moderate wide-angle lens
04Sep10 SD Association reveals new memory card design
04Sep10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 36
03Sep10 Philips shows new PicoPix pocket projector series
02Sep10 New 10-inch Sony Photo Frames show HD Video
02Sep10 Sony launches two new Touchy Bloggie cameras
01Sep10 Pandigital Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame in Europe
31Aug10 Canon develops 205x205mm CMOS image sensor
29Aug10 New KODAK ESP 9250 All-in-One Inkjet Printer
28Aug10 JVC introduces two new PICSIO pocket cameras
27Aug10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 35
27Aug10 Canon to exhibit new 500mm and 600mm lenses
26Aug10 New Canon L-Series EF Lenses and accessories
25Aug10 Canon CMOS image sensor with 13280 x 9184 pixels
23Aug10 Kodak launches the sleek PlayTouch video camera
22Aug10 THK Photo introduces ten new SLIK PRO tripods
21Aug10 Sanyo introduces PD2 Pocket-Size Dual Camera
21Aug10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 34
20Aug10 Nikon FSB-7 camera bracket for Coolpix the S5100
19Aug10 Nikon introduces four new mid and telezoom lenses
15Aug10 EISA announces the 2010-2011 Photo Awards
13Aug10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 33
12Aug10 Samsung introduces 65-inch Full HD 3D LED TV
11Aug10 Tamron anniversary 70-300mm F/4-5.6 zoom lens
10Aug10 Rollei unveils a new generation slide/photo scanners
09Aug10 Samsung releases new Childeren Mode animations
08Aug10 Yamaha launches new line of 3D A/V receivers
07Aug10 BenQ S1 offers Full HD and enhanced night vision
06Aug10 Sanyo launches Full HD underwater Dual Camera
06Aug10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 32
05Aug10 Epson announces Artisan 835 and 725 All-in-One
04Aug10 New ATC9K HD camera with G Sensor and GPS
01Aug10 Panasonic launches Full-HD 3D video camcorder
30Jul10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 31
30Jul10 The new Samsung E10 features Full-HD and swivels
29Jul10 The All-New Kindle is Smaller, Lighter, and Faster
29Jul10 Panasonic introduces HD Mobile Camera HM-TA1
28Jul10 Sinar p-slr - for professional attachment of your SLR
28Jul10 Panasonic to launch 3D lens for its G Micro System
28Jul10 Apple 27-inch LED cinema display with 49W audio
27Jul10 Sony expands A-mount line-up with 3 new lenses
24Jul10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 30
20Jul10 Fujitsu introduces multi-input resistive touch panel
17Jul10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 29
16Jul10 Sharp to introduce Triple-Layer Blu-ray Disc media
15Jul10 New Mamiya Remote Viewing software and Logo
14Jul10 Sony NEX-VG10 interchangeable lens camcorder
10Jul10 Hama introduces novel Photo Frames and Webcam
09Jul10 Our International Imaging News clicks n week 28
09Jul10 The SIGMA APO 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM
08Jul10 LifeStudio Mobile Plus organizes your digital Life
07Jul10 Sony 3D Home Theater receiver and blu-ray player
06Jul10 Tokina releases AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX lens
03Jul10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 27
02Jul10 Sigma APO 50-500mm Adapter for APS-C dSLRs
30Jun10 New Sharp TV tuner module or how small can it get
29Jun10 BenQ unveils novel Vertical Alignment LED monitors
26Jun10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 26
25Jun10 Lexar introduces new Multi-Card 24-in-1 USB reader
24Jun10 SD Association announces new high-speed symbols
23Jun10 Sandisk SD-WORM stores images for 100 years
22Jun10 Toshiba and Trek to promote Wireless SD cards
20Jun10 The new Parrot AR.Drone, your digital Eye in Sky
19Jun10 Multi-Image Fusion by processing power and luck
17Jun10 Epson launches Ultra-Bright projector under $1000
17Jun10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 25
16Jun10 Nintendo takes its DS system to the third dimension
12Jun10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 24
11Jun10 Sony unveils affordable VAIO Touch All-In-One PC
10Jun10 New Samsung SP-H03 palm-sized Pico Projector
09Jun10 Carl Zeiss presents the Distagon T* 2,8/25 ZF.2
07Jun10 Sharp introduces new multi-screen display system
06Jun10 Hitachi launches 7mm ultra-thin 320GB hard drive
04Jun10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 23
03Jun10 Kingston unveils 64GB SDXC class 10 memory card
01Jun10 Sharp debuts LCD with 4 primary-color technology
01Jun10 Panasonic launches ultra-compact 8mm Fisheye lens
31May10 Epson and Philips take Projector Light a step further
29May10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 22
29May10 Plustek launches OpticFilm 7400 slide/film scanner
28May10 Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM now available
28May10 New Sanyo CA100 waterproof Full HD dual camera
26May10 New Varadero series camera bags from Samsonite
25May10 Pandigital Novel eReader sports 7-inch color display
25May10 Sony sensor achieves industry smallest pixel size
24May10 Uniden ULP 1000 Laser Pico Projector down under
21May10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 21
21May10 Announcing Sony Internet TV on Google platform
19May10 Voigtlaender releases APO-Lanthar 90mm F3.5 SL II
18May10 Sanyo launches versatile Ultra short-focus projector
18May10 Rollei introduces ultra-slim DF-15.6 picture frame
16May10 New Think Tank Camera and Lens shoulder bags
15May10 Keep abreast of the latest DCViews news on the go
15May10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 20
14May10 Sigma APO 120-400mm lens for Sony and Pentax
12May10 Tiny Sharp 3D camera module for mobile devices
11May10 Sony develops interchangeable lens HD camcorder
09May10 New Epson Stylus NX420 Wireless-N All-In-One
08May10 Leica announces Summilux-M 35mm F/1.4 ASPH
08May10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 19
07May10 Fujitsu takes Color Electronic Paper a step further
06May10 Addonics introduces 8/32GB CFast flash memory
05May10 Epson Perfection V33 and V330 Photo Scanners
04May10 CanoScan 9000F scans high quality film at speed
01May10 Mail your photos to the Pandigital digital photoframe
30Apr10 Our International Imaging News clickslin week 18
30Apr10 Dalsa powers Intergraph camera with 140Mp sensor
28Apr10 Lexar Pro 600x/300x 32GB CF cards now available
27Apr10 New AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II lens
24Apr10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 17
23Apr10 TIPA announces the winners of the 2010 Awards
21Apr10 Sharp Aquos TVs feature built-in Blu-ray recorder
18Apr10 Skinput: the Human Body as the User Interface
17Apr10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 16
17Apr10 New generation of Carl Zeiss Compact Prime lenses
16Apr10 LG Europe unveils breakthrough EL9500 OLED TV
15Apr10 New Sanyo Z4000 full HD Home Cinema projector
13Apr10 Microsoft KIN for the shooting and sharing generation
12Apr10 Adobe launches Photoshop CS5 and CS5 Extended
12Apr10 Panasonic introduces AG-AF100 4/3 HD camcorder
11Apr10 Sanyo expands Dual Camera line with CG100 / GH1
09Apr10 A whole year of pictures and video on your camera!
09Apr10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 15
08Apr10 Sapphire announces new LED Mini-Projector 101
07Apr10 THK announces HOYA HRT circular polarizer filter
06Apr10 Our affiliate shopping interface is operational again
06Apr10 New Mitsubishi ultra fast CP-9810DW photo printer
06Apr10 Digital Foci releases major Picture Porter 35 update
03Apr10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 14
02Apr10 The ION TWIN records video on front and back
31Mar10 New enhancements for Sony Image data converter
27Mar10 Temporary bypass for current page loading delays
26Mar10 Our International Imaging News clicks week 13
23Mar10 Hama launches 8-inch Photo Frame with DVB-T
23Mar10 Sandisk to begin shipping 32 GB microSDHC card
22Mar10 InVisage QuantumFilm revolutionizes image sensors
19Mar10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 12
19Mar10 Sigma APO 150-500mm F5-6.3 DG for Sony/Pentax
17Mar10 Microsoft TrueColor technology brings color to life
15Mar10 Seitz introduces the new Roundshot D2x cameras
12Mar10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 11
11Mar10 Samsung launches 6-inch eReader for US Market
10Mar10 Pentax launches smc D FA 645 55mm F2.8 lens
09Mar10 Canon launches 4000 lumen REALiS SX7 Mark II
09Mar10 Tamron develops SP 70-300mm anniversary model
08Mar10 Digital Foci introduces Pearl White Photo Viewer
07Mar10 Panasonic launches the Lumix G Vario 14-42mm lens
05Mar10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 10
04Mar10 AIPTEK unveils HD-DV Projector at the CeBIT 2010
03Mar10 Wacom unveils Cintiq 21UX interactive pen display
02Mar10 THK introduces the Tokina AT-X 116 Pro for Sony
27Feb10 Our International Imaging News click in week 09
26Feb10 Mamiya Sekor AF 55mm lens and M Back adapters
23Feb10 Ricoh to develop 2 new GXR camera system units
22Feb10 Sigma announces five new HSM lenses at PMA
22Feb10 The 2010 International PMA Show News Briefs
21Feb10 Samsung announces five new NX DSLR Lenses
21Feb10 DIMA announces 2010 Product Award Winners
20Feb10 THK introduces SLIK Compact / Table Top tripods
19Feb10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 08
18Feb10 DALSA delivers 196 Megapixel Image Sensors
18Feb10 Sony introduces 6 new S-Frame digital photo frames
13Feb10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 07
12Feb10 Hama introduces new colorful Mini Mix tripods
10Feb10 Panasonic releases 3 new 3MOS HD camcorders
09Feb10 Nikon Ultra-Wide 16-35mm and Ultra-Fast 24mm lens
08Feb10 BenQ expands LED display line with 9 new models
07Feb10 LensVector gets future in focus with 50M financing
06Feb10 Olympus introduces stylish PEN E-PL1 accessories
06Feb10 Sanyo launches three new Full HD dual cameras
05Feb10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 06
05Feb10 Olympus announces two new Micro 4/3 lenses
01Feb10 Transcend unveils PF830 8-inch digital photo frame
01Feb10 New Canon PIXMA iP2700 and 3 MX All-In-Ones
29Jan10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 05
27Jan10 Varioptic Optical Image stabilization for mobile phones
27Jan10 Sanyo announces Xacti DMX-CG110 Dual Camera
23Jan10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 04
22Jan10 Ortery Photosimile 5000 office photography machine
21Jan10 THK adds Teleconverters, Ball Heads and Tripods
20Jan10 Silicon Power announces 128GB 400X CF card
19Jan10 JOBO introduces Multi-card readers in Cube design
16Jan10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 03
11Jan10 Delkin launches 4 blazing fast 420X PRO CF cards
10Jan10 Sony introduces new - bloggie - MP4 video camera
10Jan10 Sanyo shrinks its  Xacti Dual photo/video cameras
09Jan10 Kodak introduces new PLAYSPORT Video camera
09Jan10 Canon introduces 3 new Wireless File Transmitters
07Jan10 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 02
06Jan10 Lexar improves Professional Line speed / capacity
06Jan10 2nd generation Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens
05Jan10 OmniVision launches 14.6 Megapixel image sensor
05Jan10 OmniVision introduces VGA CameraCube solution
01Jan10 May we all enjoy a better world in the year 2010
01Jan10 * Digital imaging news archive 2009
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