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Digital Camera News archive

31Dec09 Liquid Image Snow and Swim camera goggles
29Dec09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web this week
27Dec09 Samsung unveils 14Mp CL80/TL240 digital camera
24Dec09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web this week
21Dec09 Ricoh special edition GR DIGITAL III x STUSSY
19Dec09 Leica releases D-LUX 4 firmware update version 2.2
18Dec09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 50
17Dec09 Canon releases EOS 5D Mark II firmware ver.1.2.4
17Dec09 Canon updates EOS-1D (s) Mark III firmware
12Dec09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 50
09Dec09 Ricoh releases CX2 firmware update version 1.14
08Dec09 SIGMA releases DP2 Firmware Update Ver.1.03
05Dec09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 49
03Dec09 Pentax releases K-x firmware update version 1.01
01Dec09 Ricoh GR DIGITAL III function-enhancing firmware
27Nov09 PRAKTICA introduces the 12 Mp luxmedia 12-Z5
27Nov09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 48
25Nov09 Panasonic releases DMC-GF1 firmware version 1.1
22Nov09 Some assistance on your digital SLR camera quest
21Nov09 Hasselblad introduces the H3DII-50MS Multi-Shot
20Nov09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 47
18Nov09 New Shock- and Waterproof Casio Exilim EX-G1
13Nov09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 46
10Nov09 Ricoh GXR interchangeable unit camera system
08Nov09 Olympus quietly introduces the E-600 DSLR camera
07Nov09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 45
06Nov09 Sony A230 / A330 / A380 firmware update v 1.10
05Nov09 The Olympus E-P2 expands power and performance
05Nov09 Canon releases Service Notice on EOS 7D dSLR
30Oct09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 44
24Oct09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 43
24Oct09 Mamiya launches 645DF medium format camera
22Oct09 Mamiya debuts DM22 digital camera for under $10K
22Oct09 Pentax releases K-7 firmware update version 1.02
22Oct09 Panasonic releases DMC-LX3 firmware version 2.0
20Oct09 Canon unveils EOS-1D Mk IV DSLR powerhouse
20Oct09 Canon to develop EOS 5D Mk II video firmware
19Oct09 Canon releases EOS 7D firmware version 1.09
16Oct09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 42
14Oct09 Nikon announces flagship D3s digital SLR camera
13Oct09 Canon EOS Rebel XS/1000D firmware update 1.06
10Oct09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 41
09Oct09 New Minox DC 1211 and DC 1044 digital cameras
08Oct09 Sigma releases DP2  firmware update version 1.03
06Oct09 Ricoh releases CX2 firmware update version 1.13
03Oct09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 40
03Oct09 Sigma upgrades its DP1 digital camera to DP1s
02Oct09 Ricoh releases GR DIGITAL III firmware version 1.21
29Sep09 Phase One unveils 645DF Medium Format camera
26Sep09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 39
26Sep09 Hasselblad announces new H4D DSLR Series
25Sep09 GE introduces J1050 and J1250 digital cameras
24Sep09 Minox launches Leica M3 mini look-alike in White
19Sep09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 38
17Sep09 Panasonic releases new firmware for the G1 / GH1
17Sep09 Affordable Pentax K-x with HD Video and Live View
15Sep09 Olympus PEN E-P1 firmware update version 1.1
12Sep09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 37
10Sep09 Leica presents the X1 with APS-C sensor
10Sep09 Leica presents full-frame M9 Rangefinder Camera
07Sep09 Rollei presents its new Flexline cameras
07Sep09 Rollei presents its entry-level Compactline series
05Sep09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 36
04Sep09 Praktica unveils new point-and-shoot DPix 1100Z
02Sep09 Panasonic introduces the new LUMIX DMC-GF1
02Sep09 Samsung WB5000 / HZ25W officially announced
01Sep09 Canon introduces 18Mp/Full-HD EOS 7D DSLR
29Aug09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 35
27Aug09 Sony launches the new full-frame A850 digital SLR
27Aug09 Sony announces the new A500 / A550 digital SLR
24Aug09 Casio announces entry-level 10Mp Exilim EX-Z33
24Aug09 New Casio firmware and Hello Kitty Casio EX-Z2
21Aug09 Sony Service Notice on Cyber-shot DSC-W170
21Aug09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 34
20Aug09 Ricoh announces speedy 10 Megapixel CX2 camera
20Aug09 Canon PowerShot G11 with vari-angle LCD screen
20Aug09 Canon unveils 5 new compact PowerShot cameras
18Aug09 Casio launches intelligent EX-Z450 and EX-Z90
18Aug09 New Casio EX-Z280 with wide-angle 4x optical zoom
14Aug09 Samsung unveils creative DualView digital compacts
14Aug09 Samsung introduces CL65 wireless GPS camera
14Aug09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 33
08Aug09 AgfaPhoto introduces 3 new Optima digital cameras
07Aug09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web last week
06Aug09 Pentax unveils waterproof compact Optio WS80
06Aug09 Pentax launches Optio P80 and E80 digital cameras
06Aug09 Sony digital cameras with back-illuminated sensor
05Aug09 Ricoh GR Digital II 5th function-enhancing firmware
04Aug09 Nikon launches novel S1000pj camera projector
04Aug09 Nikon unveils colorful Coolpix S70, S640 and S570
01Aug09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 31
30Jul09 Canon releases EOS 50D firmware version 1.0.7
30Jul09 Nikon D300S flagship DX-format digital SLR camera
30Jul09 New Nikon D3000 digital SLR camera for starters
30Jul09 Kodak expands Z-, M- and C-Series digital cameras
29Jul09 Pentax releases K-7 firmware update version 1.01
28Jul09 New Panasonic 12.1 Mp Superzoom DMC-FZ35
28Jul09 Panasonic DMC-ZR1: 25mm and 8x optical zoom
28Jul09 Panasonic announces slim and stylish DMC-FP8
28Jul09 Panasonic introduces LUMIX 12.1 Mp DMC-FX65
27Jul09 Ricoh GR Digital III features large aperture F1.9 lens
26Jul09 Casio releases firmware updates for S and Z-Series
25Jul09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 30
24Jul09 Olympus Stylus/mju 7010 with 7x wide-angle zoom
23Jul09 Olympus expands FE-Series with four new models
22Jul09 Fujifilm announces the FinePix REAL 3D System
22Jul09 New Fuji FinePix F70 compact with EXR technology
22Jul09 Fuji FinePix S200EXR, its most advanced SLR-style
22Jul09 Fujiflim introduces four new compact digital cameras
18Jul09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 29
17Jul09 Fujifilm releases FinePix F200 firmware version 1.10
17Jul09 Service Notice for the Nikon D5000 Digital SLR
16Jul09 Ricoh releases new GX200 firmware version 1.25
14Jul09 New Samsung SL720 and SL502 digital cameras
11Jul09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 28
10Jul09 Leica announces special D-LUX 4 Safari model
06Jul09 Hasselblad debuts V-system CFV-39 digital back
03Jul09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 27
02Jul09 Sanyo announces VPC-E1090 and S1275 cameras
01Jul09 Ricoh releases CX1 firmware update version 1.24
01Jul09 New Nikon L100 firmware supports Ni-MH batteries
29Jun09 AgfaPhoto launches DC-600uw underwater camera
27Jun09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 26
25Jun09 Pentax unveils ultimate rugged W80 digital camera
23Jun09 Second firmware update for the Sigma DP2 camera
22Jun09 Panasonic updates firmware for G1/ GH1 cameras
19Jun09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 25
16Jun09 Olympus unveils its unique E-P1 digital PEN camera
14Jun09 Fujifilm announces the touch and go Finepix Z300
13Jun09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 24
12Jun09 Mamiya launches M18, M22 and M31 digital backs
11Jun09 Casio Exilim EX-H10: wide-angle, 10x optical zoom
11Jun09 The Praktica luxmedia 12-03 anniversary camera
05Jun09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 23
02Jun09 Canon releases EOS 5D Mark II firmware 1.1.0
01Jun09 Panasonic releases DMC-LX3 firmware version 1.3
29May09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 22
28May09 Sony announces new Cyber-shot W180 and W190
28May09 Sigma updates firmware for the DP2 digital camera
27May09 Manual exposure control in Canon 5D Mk II video
23May09 Leica very limited M8 White Edition now available
23May09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 21
22May09 Olympus starts teasing about upcoming Micro 4/3
21May09 Pentax unveils new flagship, the K-7 digital SLR
19May09 Kodak expands M-series with the EasyShare M420
17May09 Sony launches A380, A330 and A230 digital SLRs
17May09 Canon releases EOS-1D/1Ds Mk III Service Notice
16May09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 20
16May09 Striking Red Panasonic Limited Edition DMC-TZ7
15May09 BenQ upgrades C Series cameras with two models
12May09 New Samsung WB100 / WB1000 digital camera
08May09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 19
02May09 Ricoh CX1 and Olympus µ-7000  firmware update
02May09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 18
01May09 Phase One introduces P40+ medium format system
28Apr09 Canon issues Service Notice for Powershot G10
25Apr09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 17
23Apr09 Panasonic releases three new firmware updates
23Apr09 Canon releases firmware update for DSLR cameras
22Apr09 Olympus updates FE-25, FE-35 and FE-45 firmware
22Apr09 Ricoh GR Digital II 4th function-enhancing update
21Apr09 Panasonic releases DMC-FS15 firmware ver. 1.2
18Apr09 Panasonic expands the Lumix FS camera series
18Apr09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 16
15Apr09 Olympus releases Tough-6000 firmware version 1.1
15Apr09 Casio releases EX-Z100 and Z200 firmware update
15Apr09 Nikon releases firmware updates for D40 / D40x
14Apr09 New Nikon D5000 SLR features vari-angle monitor
11Apr09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in 15 week
10Apr09 Ricoh releases CX1 firmware update version 1.16
10Apr09 Olympus releases E-3 firmware update version 1.4
09Apr09 Casio S12/Z400 and Pentax K20D firmware update
08Apr09 The Pentacon Praktica DPix 1000Z digital camera
03Apr09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 14
02Apr09 Olympus releases E-30 firmware update version 1.1
31Mar09 Olympus announces new E-450 dSLR camera
28Mar09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 13
28Mar09 Mamiya unveils new Mamiya 645DF camera body
25Mar09 Canon unveils HD Rebel T1i / EOS 500D dSLR
24Mar09 Leica releases D-Lux 4 firmware update ver 1.20
21Mar09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 12
20Mar09 Canon SX1 IS firmware update adds RAW format
19Mar09 Nikon releases Coolpix S60 firmware version 1.1
19Mar09 Ricoh releases R10 firmware update version 1.17
19Mar09 New Mamiya DL33 high-end digital camera system
14Mar09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 11
10Mar09 Panasonic releases LS85 / LS86 firmware ver. 1.1
09Mar09 Vivitar cameras have risen from the ashes at PMA
06Mar09 General Imaging debuts 10 new cameras for 2009
05Mar09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 10
05Mar09 Nikon releases Coolpix P6000 firmware update 1.2
05Mar09 New Kodak Easyshare Z915 with 10x optical zoom
05Mar09 Casio introduces new 10 megapixel Exlilim EX-Z29
04Mar09 New Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 offers HD video
03Mar09 Samsung launches NX concept camera at PMA
03Mar09 New compact Pentax X70 offers 24x optical zoom
03Mar09 Canon releases EOS-1D / 1Ds firmware updates
03Mar09 Sony HX-1 offers sweep panorama technology
28Feb09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 09
28Feb09 Epson Japan unveils R-D1x rangefinder camera
28Feb09 Samsung global digital camera names untangled
27Feb09 Hasselblad updates firmware and Phocus software
24Feb09 Olympus introduces new E-620 digital SLR camera
24Feb09 New Samsung ST10 and PL10 favor familiar faces
24Feb09 Samsung WB100 and WB550 wide-angle cameras
21Feb09 Samsung SL820, SL620, SL202 and SL30 camera
20Feb09 Compact Ricoh CX1 with 7.1x wide-angle zoom
20Feb09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 08
18Feb09 Canon launches 10 new PowerShot digital cameras
18Feb09 Canon unveils PowerShot SX200 IS digital camera
18Feb09 Canon expands ELPH / IXUS digital camera series
18Feb09 Canon announces  A2100 IS, A1100 IS and A480
18Feb09 Sony announces 8 new Cyber-shot digital cameras
17Feb09 Fujifilm unveils Finepix S1500 with 12x optical zoom
17Feb09 Fujifilm launches the waterproof Finepix Z33WP
17Feb09 Fujifilm gives its Z-Series digital cameras a facelift
17Feb09 Fujifilm expands J Series with FinePix J20fd / J250
14Feb09 Olympus releases FE-370 / µ1060 firmware update
14Feb09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 07
10Feb09 Canon releases PowerShot G10 firmware v
10Feb09 Panasonic releases DMC-G1 firmware version 1.2
07Feb09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 06
05Feb09 Samsung ES10 first camera in the new ES Series
05Feb09 Olympus releases E-3 firmware update version 1.3
05Feb09 New firmware version for Canon SD880 / IXUS 870
05Feb09 Canon EOS 5D service notice on mirror detachment
04Feb09 The Fujifilm F200EXR adapts its sensor to the scene
04Feb09 Fujifilm A150 / A100 combine quality with economy
03Feb09 Nikon Coolpix P90: 24x optical zoom and tilt LCD
03Feb09 Nikon announces S630, S620, S230 and S220
03Feb09 Nikon Coolpix L100, L20 and L19 budget cameras
31Jan09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 05
28Jan09 The limited special Edition Safari of the Leica M8.2
27Jan09 Panasonic DMC-FS25 and FX40 digital cameras
27Jan09 The Panasonic DMC-FX550 Touch-Screen camera
27Jan09 Panasonic unveils sturdy DMC-FT1 digital camera
27Jan09 Panasonic launches the hybrid TZ6 / TZ7 camera
24Jan09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 04
21Jan09 Nikon releases D3 firmware upgrade version 2.01
21Jan09 Nikon releases D700 firmware upgrade version 1.01
20Jan09 Canon releases EOS 40D firmware update v 1.1.1
18Jan09 Lego and Digital Blue to launch kids digital camera
16Jan09 New Panasonic DMC-FS6 and FS7 digital cameras
16Jan09 Panasonic DMC-FS15 with wide-agle 5x zoom lens
16Jan09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 03
16Jan09 Panasonic unveils new DMC-LS85 digital camera
16Jan09 Panasonic releases DMC-LX3 firmware version 1.2
15Jan09 Canon PowerShot A480 compact digital camera
09Jan09 Kodak expands its M-Series digital cameras line
09Jan09 Samsung introduces 4 new digital cameras at CES
09Jan09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 02
09Jan09 The Sony G3 WiFi digital camera with web browser
09Jan09 New Casio high-speed and zoom digital cameras
08Jan09 Polaroid launches the PoGo Instant Digital Camera
08Jan09 Canon releases EOS 5D Mark II firmware ver.1.0.7
08Jan09 Sony expands its W and S digital camera Series
07Jan09 Olympus 550WP Point-Dunk-And-Shoot camera
07Jan09 Olympus launches Tough models 8000 and 6000
07Jan09 New Olympus 10x Zoom 9000 and 7x Zoom 7000
07Jan09 Olympus expands FE-Series with three new models
07Jan09 Olympus SP-590UZ: 26x wide-angle optical zoom
06Jan09 Kodak EasyShare Z980 and M380 digital camera
06Jan09 Pentax launches Optio P70 and E70 digital camera
05Jan09 New Vivitar digital cameras and SLR lens Series
02Jan09 Digital cameras reviewed on the web in week 01
01Jan09 May we all enjoy a better world in the year 2009
01Jan09 * Digital camera news archive 2008
Current digital camera news

Digital Imaging News archive

31Dec09 Our International Imaging News clicks this week
31Dec09 New Samyang 8mm fish-eye and 85mm 4/3 mount
25Dec09 Support UNICEF, you can make the difference!
24Dec09 Our International Imaging News clicks last week
23Dec09 Ford Sync turns your car into mobile Internet hot-spot
22Dec09 LG unveils ultra-thin LCD TV panel measuring 2.6mm
19Dec09 Canon 5D shoots 26 Gigapixel Dresden panorama
19Dec09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 51
18Dec09 ZINK introduces next generation ZINKR technology
12Dec09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 50
10Dec09 Pentax weather-resistant 100mm F2.8 WR MACRO
10Dec09 NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II and TC-20E III
05Dec09 Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 2/50 and 2/100 for EF
05Dec09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 49
04Dec09 Epson PictureMate Show photo frame and printer
04Dec09 Sigma announces17-70mm F2.8-4 DC macro lens
03Dec09 The new LG eXpo offers optional pico projector
03Dec09 Samyang Video lenses for digital SLR cameras
28Nov09 BigShot camera for learning, creating and sharing
27Nov09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 48
25Nov09 New Nokia 6700 adds slide and Carl Zeiss optics
20Nov09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 47
17Nov09 Carl Zeiss ZF.2 lenses for digital SLRs with F mount
17Nov09 New Epson 1.56 Mp Electronic Viewfinder panel
16Nov09 Fujitsu introduces 12.2 Mp waterproof mobile phone
16Nov09 Sony announces 3.0-inch LED backlit 921K LCD
15Nov09 Panasonic announces Tripod Adaptor for DMC-GF1
13Nov09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 46
09Nov09 New DVDs preserve your digital photos for centuries
09Nov09 JOBO introduces the new ScanViewer picture frame
06Nov09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 45
05Nov09 Olympus launches two new Micro Four Thirds lenses
04Nov09 Think Tank releases Disguise 70 Pro shoulder bag
03Nov09 New Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2/35 with EF bayonet
03Nov09 New Sony Ericsson  XPERIA X10 multimedia phone
02Nov09 The LSST: our 3 Gigapixel window on the Universe
02Nov09 New Samsung HDTV monitors not only from 9 to 5
31Oct09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 44
31Oct09 Kodak CCD Image Sensors increase light sensitivity
29Oct09 JOBO introduces KeyFrame with 1.5-inch display
28Oct09 onOne Software Plug-In Suite 5 for Photoshop
27Oct09 Fujifilm launches underwater Remora Slave Flash kit
27Oct09 Toshiba unveils Back-side illumination image sensor
25Oct09 The ultimate photographers workbench on wheels
25Oct09 Power sources for handheld electronic equipment
24Oct09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 43
24Oct09 New Voigtländer Heliar 50mm anniversary lenses
23Oct09 Tethered shooting for Epson Multimedia Viewers
23Oct09 Sony DPP-F700 photo frame for viewing and printing
21Oct09 Brother develops wearable Retinal Imaging Display
21Oct09 Lexar introduces Pro 600x CompactFlash cards
20Oct09 Canon EOS-1 series and 5D Mk II wireless controls
17Oct09 Don Zeck for superior Canon/Nikon lens protection
16Oct09 Epson HTPS color panel for electronic viewfinders
16Oct09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 42
15Oct09 New JVC Picsio shoots HD video and 8 Mp stills
15Oct09 New Sanyo Dual cameras with iFrame Video format
14Oct09 JOBO unveils PLANO 10 Gestic digital picture frame
14Oct09 New AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR
13Oct09 Epson announces the portable PictureMate Charm
12Oct09 Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2/28 now with EF bayonet
09Oct09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 41
07Oct09 Canon introduces Realis projectors with photo mode
06Oct09 Tessera FotoNation technology recognizes faces
05Oct09 Toshiba unveils state-of-the-art CELL REGZA 55X1
04Oct09 Sony builds highly efficient wireless power transfer
02Oct09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 40
02Oct09 Minox introduces Pocket Tripod classic accessory
29Sep09 Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 2,8/21 lens with EF Bayonet
29Sep09 Google releases new Picasa update version 3.5
26Sep09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 39
25Sep09 Wacom adds Multi-Touch to Bamboo tablet series
24Sep09 Think Tank Airport TakeOff rolling camera backpack
23Sep09 Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows and Mac
22Sep09 Samsung introduces 5 Megapixel SoC image sensor
20Sep09 Sakar introduces Kodak-branded Photo Keychain
18Sep09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 38
18Sep09 New Epson MovieMate 60 and Home Cinema 705HD
17Sep09 New line of HP wireless connected DreamScreens
16Sep09 Kyocera develops fastest ink printhead in the world
16Sep09 Samsung unveils P410M ultra portable data projector
15Sep09 Sandisk unveils fast line of Extreme Pro CF cards
14Sep09 Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 3,5/18 available for Canon
14Sep09 Toshiba introduces ultra-thin HDD for portable gear
12Sep09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 37
12Sep09 The new Journey of the Beagle - 150 years later
12Sep09 New InvenSense Gyro for Optical Image Stabilization
11Sep09 JVC unveils 10 Megapixel Home Cinema projector
05Sep09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 36
04Sep09 New Sigma Zoom Lens 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG OS
04Sep09 New Kodak ESP 3250 and 5250 All-in-One printers
03Sep09 Sony Ericsson announces the new XPERIA X2
03Sep09 Epson launches the new 17-Inch Stylus Pro 3880
02Sep09 Panasonic launches two new Micro 4/3 lenses
02Sep09 Tamron Launches Fast AF17-50mm For Nikon
01Sep09 New Canon Hybrid IS EF lens and two EF-S lenses
31Aug09 Nokia N900: Computer and camera in a handset
30Aug09 The Flashbox: little storage giant for the big screen
28Aug09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 35
28Aug09 Sony digital photo frame with Swarovski Elements
27Aug09 Sanyo introduces ultra-bright LP-XU106 projector
27Aug09 Agfa introduces range of portable photo scanners
26Aug09 Rollei launches new DiaFilm- and PhotoScanners
25Aug09 JOBO announces new Crystal Series photo frames
23Aug09 Sony introduces 32GB Memory Stick PRO Duo card
22Aug09 Lenovo unveils HD systems for home and on the go
22Aug09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 34
21Aug09 Microsoft introduces 720p HD Wide LifeCam Cinema
20Aug09 Canon launches new PIXMA and SELPHY printers
20Aug09 Nikon Fieldscope dSLR camera attachment FSA-L2
19Aug09 New Sony PlayStation 3 looses weight and size
16Aug09 Dolce et Gabbana design Jalou for Sony Ericsson
15Aug09 EISA announces the 2009-2010 Photo Awards
14Aug09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 33
14Aug09 BenQ introduces 3 new HD Home Theater projectors
11Aug09 New Sony Li-ion batteries offer extended life span
09Aug09 Sony unveils new Readers and drops eBook pricing
08Aug09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 32
07Aug09 HD Video in the no-longer-still camera domain
06Aug09 Sony launches the Party-shot personal photographer
05Aug09 Epson Perfection V500: High-Quality photo scans
04Aug09 Toshiba to launch World First SDXC Memory Card
03Aug09 Delkin introduces Fat Gecko Mini Camera Mount
02Aug09 Eye-Fi introduces the Apple exclusive Geo card
01Aug09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 31
01Aug09 New LG Chocolate phone with 4-inch wide screen
31Jul09 Nikon announces two new 200mm zoom lenses
30Jul09 Kodak makes Images smarter, sharper and easier
28Jul09 Online reviews: Added Value and Web Pollution!
26Jul09 Hama announces pocket-size digital Photo album
26Jul09 Think TANK camera bags for Multimedia DSLRs
25Jul09 New Olympus AF Tracking function and Magic filters
24Jul09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 30
22Jul09 Canon starts development of Hybrid Image Stabilizer
20Jul09 New Sharp black box for vehicles has 180° vision
19Jul09 Olympus unveils LS-11 audio recording powerhouse
18Jul09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 29
15Jul09 Samsung puts HD Video in the palm of your hand
13Jul09 Night Vision for Canon EOS-1Ds Mk III and 5D Mk II
13Jul09 New Sony 32GB Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX
11Jul09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 28
10Jul09 HP TouchSmart Web-connected Home Printer
09Jul09 Amazon introduces new 9.7 inch Kindle DX reader
09Jul09 Sony introduces more compact DVDDirect recorder
08Jul09 New Sony full HD camcorders shoot 12 Mp stills too
08Jul09 Canon unveils new Pixma and Selphy photo printers
04Jul09 JOBO introduces Curve Line digital picture frames
03Jul09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 27
30Jun09 Sanyo announces eneloop rechargeable flashlight
28Jun09 Google Maps: 250-lbs tricyle / 8-foot-high camera
26Jun09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 26
25Jun09 LG announces new 55-inch ultra-slim full LED TVs
25Jun09 Sandisk 32GB SDHC delivers speeds upto 30MB/s
23Jun09 Akvis ArtSuite 5.0 with hand painted photo frames
22Jun09 Kodak launches rechargeable S370 picture frame
20Jun09 Sharp Memory in Pixel LCD increases battery life
19Jun09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 25
18Jun09 Casio introduces brightest Micro Portable Projectors
16Jun09 Olympus unveils Micro 4/3 pancake and zoom lens
15Jun09 Service notice for non genuine Panasonic batteries
15Jun09 Samsung announces new Smartphone generation
13Jun09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 24
13Jun09 Shrinking Kopin displays enable high-res viewfinders
11Jun09 Eye-Fi 4GB wireless card with RAW image support
10Jun09 Canon Selphy CP790: green and comes in a bucket
09Jun09 Fantasea announces the new Remora Slave Flash
08Jun09 Trust introduces new All-in-1 SlimLine Card Reader
07Jun09 BenQ Home-Theater and Short-Throw projectors
06Jun09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 23
06Jun09 Samsung to launch ultimate mobile phone June 15
05Jun09 NEC CRV43: a new meaning to the word flatscreen
03Jun09 High-Performance OLED mini beamer technology
01Jun09 New Transcend PF730 7-inch Digital Photo Frame
01Jun09 Panasonic expands Marine line of underwater cases
01Jun09 New Disney Fairy Tale Weddings camera by Kodak
31May09 The latest in monitor and television technology
30May09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 22
29May09 HDMI Licensing announces features of version 1.4
29May09 Sony Ericsson Satio visual commmunication mobile
27May09 JVC launches full HD monitor for digital SLR users
26May09 Cast your vote: Hasselblad 2009 Masters finalists
25May09 Panasonic Lumix G Vario 14-45mm lens firmware
24May09 Samsung introduces ultra-thin color Photo Frame
23May09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 21
22May09 Panasonic launches speedy SDHC memory cards
22May09 Panasonic announces adaptors for Leica lenses
21May09 Pentax lightweight, weather-resistant zoom lenses
20May09 Panasonic introduces lightest Full-HD camcorders
19May09 Unbind launches the new MyBook Collection kit
19May09 Olympus firmware update for Zuiko digital lenses
18May09 Sony SLR lenses, external flash and accessories
16May09 Fujifilm introduces a new line of Finepix accessories
16May09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 20
15May09 SLIK announces 515QF heavy duty, all metal tripod
12May09 Sanyo LP-WXU700 Wireless Wide LCD Projector
12May09 BenQ launches the new Joybee GP1 Mini Projector
11May09 JOBO introduces ultra-thin NANO picture frames
08May09 New Clickfree Traveler slips easily into your wallet
08May09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 19
05May09 New ZyXEL DMA-2500 streams 1080p HD Video
01May09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 18
30Apr09 Samsung introduces two ergonomic camcorders
29Apr09 DualAlign Photo Panorama and Stitch Software
28Apr09 GE unveils optical disc which offers 500GB storage
25Apr09 DiiVA will interconnect your window on the world
25Apr09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 17
24Apr09 THK introduces new Slik Sprint Mini and Pro tripods
20Apr09 The LG Viewty camera phone gets even Smarter
18Apr09 TIPA annnounces the 2009 TIPA Award winners
17Apr09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 16
16Apr09 AgfaPhoto announces Hi-Resolution Photo Frames
14Apr09 Nikon announces AF-S DX NIKKOR 10-24mm lens
12Apr09 Ginipic: searching digitial images simpler than ever
11Apr09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 15
08Apr09 JOBO introduces new PLANO digital picture frames
06Apr09 The new LG W53 smart monitors watch over you
04Apr09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 14
04Apr09 Slik 340 BH tripod and 200DQ dual-level ball head
03Apr09 Sanyo begins shipping new dual cameras in the US
02Apr09 New Sony Handycam TG5V takes HD on the road
31Mar09 Epson PowerLite 410W projector for small spaces
29Mar09 Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG firmware update ver.1.1
27Mar09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 13
26Mar09 Wacom announces intuos4 professional pen tablet
26Mar09 ACDSee develops new Picture Frame Manager
25Mar09 Tamron develops SP AF60mm F/2.0 Di macro lens
25Mar09 Canon announces the entry level Speedlite 270EX
24Mar09 Tokina AT-X 16.5-135mm DX Wide-Range Lens
21Mar09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 12
18Mar09 Sanyo introduces 1080P full HD network camera
18Mar09 Hi-Den Vision HDMI 1080p Digital Photo Viewer
16Mar09 Transcend releases 4-16GB SDHC HD video cards
16Mar09 LG launches the Multimedia ARENA in Europe
15Mar09 Wacom nextbeat, the solution for DJ performance
14Mar09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 11
14Mar09 Nikon introduces new EDG Fieldscope Series
11Mar09 Sanyo unveils professional True HD DLP projector
10Mar09 The 2009 International PMA Show News briefs
08Mar09 Pretec 666X CF cards approaching CF speed limit
07Mar09 JVC X900 shoots full HD video and digital stills
07Mar09 New Sony FP97 / FP67 portable photo printers
06Mar09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 09
06Mar09 Sony launches new digital camera accessories
06Mar09 Delkin Fat Gecko multiple mount camera tripod
05Mar09 New Panasonic lenses cover 7 - 140 mm range
03Mar09 2009 DIMA Digital Product and Vision awards
03Mar09 Sigma announces three new DC HSM lenses
03Mar09 Wide-angle smc PENTAX-DA15mm F4ED AL lens
01Mar09 The ultimate smart camera with augmented reality
01Mar09 The Quik Pod Pro: a nifty little travel companion
27Feb09 iPoint 3D: using your fingers as a remote control
27Feb09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 09
26Feb09 Jobo Giga Vu Sonic and one Sonic image storage
25Feb09 Leica SF 58 flash unit for the M, R and S systems
25Feb09 Tamron sets SP AF10-24mm launch date for Canon
24Feb09 New Olympus underwater case and flash brackets
22Feb09 Unibind Photos N Sounds photo book with sound
21Feb09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 08
21Feb09 Canon unveils colorful Selphy CP780 photo printer
20Feb09 Canon introduces two new lenses in the TS-E series
20Feb09 Leica launches Super-Elmar-M 18 mm f/3.8 ASPH
18Feb09 LG launches Arena fully-loaded Multimedia flagship
15Feb09 Olympus to launch new PC 3D Viewer Kit / LCD
14Feb09 Digital Foci to launch digital Photo Book at PMA
12Feb09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 7
11Feb09 The Sony Ericsson C903 Cyber-shot camera phone
11Feb09 Kingston increases CF Elite Pro capacity to 32GB
09Feb09 Nikon unveils the AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G
08Feb09 The Samsung Memoir 8 Megapixel camera phone
06Feb09 JOBO photoGPS is now compatible with Mac OS
06Feb09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 06
05Feb09 Nikon EZ-Micro upgrade for digital SLR cameras
02Feb09 Sony Mofiria protects your digital info on the go
02Feb09 Amex Digital SR-7/SW-7 multi-function photo frames
01Feb09 New Ultra Bright Epson Home Cinema 6500 UB
30Jan09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 05
29Jan09 We have restructured our camera selection page
27Jan09 Enhance Video Resolution with digital camera stills
24Jan09 The BenQ Ultra-Quiet Short-Throw DLP projectors
24Jan09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 04
23Jan09 Wacom extends PL-Series with the PL-900 display
21Jan09 Sanyo unveils 2009 Xacti Dual Camera Line-up
20Jan09 Hama Network Multimedia Player and Recorder
19Jan09 Fujitsu waterproof cell phone with Fingerprint sensor
16Jan09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 03
15Jan09 Sigma announces 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC lens
14Jan09 Content-Aware resizing in new Turbo Photo v6.4
13Jan09 Iomega unveils Home Media Network hard drive
12Jan09 HP SmartMedia Home Server for PC and Mac
12Jan09 Pushing the limits in memory card development
11Jan09 Samsung introduces the MBP200 Pico Projector
11Jan09 An avalanche of new digital cameras at the CES
10Jan09 Sony Ericsson C510 Cyber-shot with Smile Shutter
10Jan09 Carl Zeiss launches Cinemizer plus Video Eyewear
09Jan09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 02
08Jan09 Sony launches new feature rich digital photo frames
08Jan09 Sony introduces fun Webbie digital video cameras
06Jan09 Canon unveils its new Camcorder line-up for 2009
05Jan09 Lenovo launches Dual Screen Mobile Workstation
03Jan09 Our International Imaging News clicks in week 01
03Jan09 Transcend introduces new 8 inch digital photo frame
03Jan09 Digital Foci unveils Picture Porter 35 photo manager
02Jan09 Great innovative technologies introduced in 2008
01Jan09 * Digital imaging news archive 2008
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