text editing & links

Topic length
In line with our view concept to present information on this website within a single view (to avoid scrolling) it may be a good practice to keep your contributions to fit the input form. Of course, you can always use hyperlinks if you want to refer to additional sources on the Internet, such as documents, images or web pages.

Text editing
You may use the standard html tags to enhance your text. Some handy html tags for text editing are:

    <b>highlighting modus</b>
    <i>italic modus</i>
    <u>underscore modus</u>

To include hyperlinks to web pages, images or files you can enter a link name and a link address between square brackets [ ], separated by a vertical bar  |  character.
e.g. the text   [camera|www.canon.com]  will appear as the hyperlink cameras. In the above example clicking the word "cameras" will open the link  to www.canon.com.

Copy and paste functions
You can use the standard copy & paste functions to copy data from any data source into your own posting. You can also copy data from the topic in the left view.

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