Your contributions
Basically you may enter 3 types of contributions:
- starting a whole new topic for discussion
- reacting to the main subject of a posted topic.
- reacting to somebody else's view on an a topic.
In order to maintain focus on the main topic of discussion, the maximum nesting level for a topic has been set to 3.

Adding a topic
When you post a new topic, please make sure to enter a descriptive subject so that other viewers can derive the extend of the discussion from it. Any postings to this topic will be e-mailed to you, if you have selected this option in your membership definition.

Adding a view
In case you want to participate in a discussion just click react to topic   to add your own views on the main topic of this discussion, or click on   react to view   to react  to the view of another poster which is currently being displayed.
Make sure to add a short description of your question or view in the My view field, to facilitate browsing the viewlist.
Closing a topic

The originator may close any discussion that has been initiated by him. It might be a good practice, as a service to other viewers, to add a short summary before closing.
All topics expire and will be removed after one year.

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