CreoScitex Leaf AFi-II 10 digital camera
Leaf AFi-II 10
at a glance
9288 x 6000
3.5" lcd touch screen
leaf rechargeable
CreoScitex Leaf AFi-II 10 review summary
camera date Nov 08  
pixels / class 56M  Pro SLR digital camera
overall rating not rated overall camera rating  no reviews
image quality not rated image quality rating  
ease of use not rated usability rating  
camera body not rated camera body rating  
digital features not rated digital features rating  
photogr. ctrls not rated photographic controls rating  
user profile user profile: digital photography not specified yet
comments Other cameras in the Leaf AFi-2 series
AFi-2 7: imager size 48mmx36mm, 33MP, 6726 x 5040
AFi-2 6: imager size 44mm x 33mm, 28MP, 6144x4622
CreoScitex Leaf AFi-II 10 specifications
lens / zoom  Rollei bayonet mount.10-contact signal strip for aperture and
shutter speed transfer
focus / macro  auto | manual
metering mode  multi-zone, center-weighted and spot metering
white balance  
shutter  auto | manual; 1/1000s min.
exposure  +/- 5EV
flash / mode  hot shoe, TTL flash available with Rollei SCA 3562 adapter.
compatible SCA3002 flash system
viewfinder  optical ttl
iso ratings  50 - 800
image size  9288 x 6000, 16 bits / color
image format  raw, MOS, tif, jpg
image compr.  
lag/cycle times  
remote control  self timer 1/4s - 128s and remote control
video options  
audio options  
connectivity  firewire 800
extra features  imager size 56mm x 36mm
histogram and gray balance
live view in tethered mode
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CreoScitex Leaf AFi-II 10 announcement clippings

With the AFi-II digital camera series (and the Aptus-II digital backs), Leaf introduced an entirely new family of medium format photographic euqipment that enhance flexibility and usability for professional photographers. In addition to offering unequalled image quality with up to 56 megapixel resolution, the new line-up delivers many new features. These include a 56 millimeter wide ‘True Wide Frame' sensor, Leaf Verto internal sensor rotation for easily changing orientation and Leaf SensorFlex technology which lets photographers pre-select image size and capture speed.

Leaf has developed the exclusive new 56x36 millimeter, 56 megapixel True Wide Frame sensor in cooperation with DALSA Corporation, who specialize in digital imaging components. As the world's widest medium format sensor and the first to provide a 56mm wide capture area, it is designed to fit perfectly into the 6x6 frame of the Leaf AFi-II 10 camera. The same 56mm wide True Wide Frame sensor is available in the Leaf Aptus-II 10 camera back.

Leaf Verto is another feature that was inspired by feedback from professional photographers. With the Leaf Verto internal sensor rotation dial on the side and bottom of the AFi-II 7 and 10, photographers can easily switch orientation without removing the back, adjusting the tripod mount or twisting their wrists. When the sensor turns, the orientation indicator in the viewfinder also adjusts to indicate the current orientation.

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